Sophie Borneck, autodidact artist painter, was born in metropolitan France in 1984, has been living in New Caledonia since 2010.

Memories and emotions have always been the engines of her creation.

© Marc Le Chélard

From acrylic paint to ink, Sophie Borneck unveils her deep, delicate and fanciful world made of sensitivity : it is a subtle game between rich colors, rigorous forms and accurate brushstrokes. Throughout her paintings full of roundness and shades that make you warmer and that has several stares at you, Sophie Borneck takes you to her strong, voluptuous and moving stories.

Her dynamics is based on a kind of sensual strength which is revealed in some of her more accurate works. They are clearly inspired by some of the greatest painters of the beginning of the twentieth century, looking for the freedom of expression thanks to an innovative, graphic and attractive technique.

Sincerely and from the heart, Sophie Borneck dares to welcome you into her multifaceted sphere, which comes from a long hard-working and creative introspection.

Dive in and dream !